Dance Temple Cowichan
@ The HUB

*Currently postponed until further notice due to gathering guidelines. 

Dance Temple Cowichan hosts monthly events at our favourite local community center with a rotating group of facilitators/DJ's.

It is an evening filled with music, movement, community and intention.

What To Expect:

All ages, genders, races, sizes gather together in the welcoming, inclusive atmosphere @ The Hub. We invite you to take off your shoes, have a full water bottle, dress in layers and prepare to move.

The first half hour is a warm up, social time to orientate self into the space, say hello, do some yoga and take some deep breaths. Then we have a gentle opening, sometimes with light facilitation and an invitation to consider these three tips to support your dance practice:


1. Minimize talking on the dance floor.

2. Listen to your body.

3. Dance like no one is watching or dance like everyone's watching..... your choice!

We provide the music and let you feel the rhythm, feel the beat and discover the freedom in your feet. No experience necessary.  There are no steps to learn, no right or wrong way to move, just allow the music to guide you while surrounded by community.  At dance temple you are encouraged to honour yourself, whether you are dancing or lying in stillness on the floor. It is all welcome.  Often the hardest part is just showing up!

We often end our dance sessions with live music, didgeridoo and a gentle closing circle often with lots of smiles and consensual hugs (oh how we all miss hugging during these Covid days)

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 Silent Disco Outdoor Classes
'Wild & Free Wednesdays'
'Silent Sundays'

Dance Temple Cowichan offers weekly outdoor Silent Disco Classes.  

Imagine being surrounded by trees, rivers, leaves and moss, or upon a mountain top. Dance over tree roots and skip over streams.  All the while having an epically curated musical journey with gentle facilitation right in your headphones.

Wild & Free sessions offer a unique experience to engage with community, and deepen your personal dance practice while plugging into nature.

During these strange times dancing outdoors is offering us all a safe space to keep our practice alive in alignment with current guidelines. 

1015-1030 Arrival & headphones handed out

1030 Opening circle around the fire

1030-1145 Movement meditation

1145 Closing circle


Thank you to DreamLand Silent Disco for the headphone rental.



3 times a week you can livestream Dance Temple Sessions.  Each session, one of nine different facilitators hosts an amazing musical journey for your dancing pleasure.  With an intentional opening and closing circle.

Thank you to Dance Temple Salt Spring and Dance Temple Victoria crew

for bridging this alliance.

Mondays and Thursday 7-9pm

Sundays 1030am - !200pm


Donations appreciated.

$5-$30 per set.

To Donate:



Private Dance
Therapy Session

Ali Genevive is a certified Kundalini Dance teacher.  She has been facilitating ecstatic dance since 2005.  Hosting weekly classes on and off for over 18 years.  Ali is devoted to the medicine of dance and it has been the most profound 'therapist' in her life. 

'Sharing non-verbal, sacred space in community, with music & the healing power of sound as our guide- creates an alchemy that just cannot be experienced alone.

Music and dance build community and remind us we are one.  Stepping out of the mind and into the body illuminates the heart path.  When i dance i remember the parts of me i have forgotten.  The dance awakens my deep wisdom and centers me bringing alignment to body, mind & spirit. It is one of my greatest joys to share clean and energetically clear spaces that inspire others to experience ecstatic energy within their beings.

'When the ecstatic body is illuminated it opens new pathways for learning and personal growth'


Ali offers 1-1 or small group private sessions.  In these sessions you will be taken on a facilitated journey outdoors in nature with our silent disco headphones.

  A session could include fire ritual, water ritual, breath work, and an introduction to a set of 'tools' you can use in your daily life to center and come back into alignment. We will you use music, movement, breath and nature as our guide to harmonize body, mind & spirit. 

Rewild Your 

If you are looking to stoke the flame of your creativity, you are welcome to participate in this

free 6-week Expressive Arts Therapy group series on Zoom with Christy Greenwood. 

They are free and go towards her practice hours for Expressive Arts Therapy & counselling training.

These are for anyone (friends and family included) who are interested in low skill/high presence, playful, therapeutic exploration of writing, poetry, storytelling, embodied movement, photography, visual arts, sound, music and nature-based arts.

Between us and our full creative expression is unprocessed emotion, trauma, conditioning, belief systems & internalized oppression. Gently nourishing & opening up our creative pathways is a way to reclaim the sovereign territory of our own lives. If you have some kind of wild idea that you aren't creative, she begs to differ!

Anything she offers is just an invitation or suggestion. She welcomes your “no” if any of the exercises don’t fit with where you are at in the moment. 

You are welcome to turn off your camera at any time. You will be invited to share your art at times if you choose and there is no pressure to speak.
• • • • • •
This is not considered a group therapy session though the nature of these online circles is therapeutic and invites nurturing self-reflection.
Please take good care of yourself before, during and after these sessions. If you are requiring one-on-one support & presence with any particular issue, please reach out to your trusted people, practitioners or to me for a personal Expressive Arts Therapy practice session or other work.



structure, foundation, body, legs, work, money, stability, bones, roots

play, explore, creative flow, fertilizing seeds, hips, feelings, reproductive centre

will, goals, clarity, gut feelings, choice, boundaries, discernment, digestive organs

compassion, love, heart, lungs, forgiveness, arms, hands, wings

voice, discernment of language, creative sound, neck, throat, ears, vocal cords, music

sight, vision, imagination, eyes, sky, sun, moon, planets, stars,cosmos

Tuesdays • 6:30 - 8:30 pm
March 16 - April 20

From your home on Zoom.

To register:

Facebook Event page:

More information available for preparation after registration. 

As a multi-modality therapist, Christy facilitates a bridge to the innate genius of body wisdom by inviting the rewilding of health, imagination and creativity.

Let me know if you have any questions via FB messenger or email at: