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We host our dances at THE HUB in Cowichan Station.
2375 Koksilah Road, Duncan BC V9L6M5
Our dances are held on the 1st, 3rd Fridays of the Month.

$20-$25 sliding scale cash at the door or pre-purchase by e-transferring $21-$25

Limited amount of low income tickets available for pre-purchase only $16

                                    SPRING 2024 LINE UP @ THE HUB

May 17 :: DJ Jazmin Love

June 7 ::  DJ N Joy & Rara

June 21st :: DJ Ali Genevieve & Chris Bertin


We will not be running dances at the HUB during JULY & AUGUST.


July :: Outdoor silent disco dance TBA

August 2nd :: 39 Days of July 6pm Ali & Chris 


Hub Dances

Hub Dances are an inclusive, intentional, community-driven and family-friendly dance space to share our stories through music and movement. 

Dance Temple Cowichan hosts events at The Cowichan Station Hub (2375 Koksilah), our favourite local community center with a rotating group of facilitators/DJ's. We also host at Glenora Hall when the HUB is booked.


What To Expect:

All ages, genders, races, sizes gather together in the welcoming, inclusive atmosphere @ The Hub. We invite you to take off your shoes, have a full water bottle, dress in layers and prepare to move.

The first half-hour is a warm-up, social time to orientate self into the space, say hello, do some streching or self-led yoga and take some deep breaths. Then we have a gentle opening, sometimes with light facilitation and an invitation to consider these three tips to support your dance practice:


1. Minimize talking on the dance floor.

2. Listen to your body.

3. Dance like no one is watching or dance like everyone's watching..... your choice!

We provide the music and let you feel the rhythm, feel the beat and discover the freedom in your feet. No experience is necessary.  There are no steps to learn, no right or wrong way to move, just allow the music to guide you while surrounded by community.  At dance temple you are encouraged to honour yourself, whether you are dancing or lying in stillness on the floor. It is all welcome.  Often the hardest part is just showing up!

We often end our dance sessions with live music, didgeridoo and a gentle closing circle often with lots of smiles and consensual hugs when that feels right.


What is Dance Temple?

(From the Dance Temple Collective)

Dance Temple intends to provide a welcoming space to have an authentic experience, to express in an inclusive way, to clear blocks, thoughts or patterns, to centre and harmonize with ourselves and with each other.

Dance Temple is the heartbeat and foundation of a larger cultural transformation where all are allowed to share their brilliance.

We dance to free ourselves. We dance to come home. We dance to feel connection to each other. To the pulse. To our joy and our sorrow. To allow it all to move through. We dance like no one is watching or like the whole world is watching. 

We dance because we know it is the medicine we need.
We dance to come home to ourselves again and again.

  • Practice freedom of expression through movement

  • Tune into an eclectic selection of musical flavours from a revolving
    lineup of experienced facilitators.

  • Inspire and explore new ways to move your body.

  • Explore the altar space for contemplation, reflection and intention setting.

  • Learn to enter into a state of trance without the use of substances (no drugs or alcohol please).

  • Non-denominational opening and closing (can be in the form of a prayer, meditation or circle)

  • Minimal facilitation. You are free to move as you wish.

  • Breathe.
    Drink Water.
    Take care of yourself.
    Wear comfortable clothing for movement. Be prepared to sweat.

    Some Guidelines...

  • We continue to monitor guidelines from the local health authority (same guidelines for yoga studios, dance & fitness classes) closely. These guidelines allow us to to keep gathering and to minimize risk for the collective. Thank you for sharing the responsibility with us.
    If you decide to purchase a ticket and sign your name at the door upon reading them again, that indicates your agreement to honour the protocols.

  • Do not attend if you are feeling unwell at all or have any symptoms
    Please wait 2 weeks after arriving out of country to attend.
    Sanitize & wash hands upon arrival & again before leaving (sanitizer & disposable masks available at the door)
    Please ensure all contact is consensual, thank you. We have limited capacity for spaciousness.Vocalizing in the dance space is strongly discouraged; and no talking, singing or chanting please
    Bring only essential items you need with you
    Masks are not required yet are welcome at HUB 

    Please care for yourself and others by:
    1) Taking a shower before you arrive
    2) Bringing a towel to wipe up any sweat you leave behind.


  • Please go barefoot or wear only indoor shoes or sneakers in the dance space. 
    Please keep your shirt on, regardless of your gender.

    Please refrain from wearing anything scented in the space (including essential oils)

    We request a 'no cell phone use' policy in the dance space. Hallways & outdoors work well to use your device if needed.

    Enjoy your own personal dance or spark up creative movement with others if there is mutual agreement and 6 feet distancing. If you wish to dance with another, look for eye contact or the body language of an invitation (if that isn't there then it's a "no"). Remember that a person's willingness to dance can change from moment to moment or week to week. At any time you, or the person you are dancing with, may choose to end the encounter by moving away & body language.

  • • TALKING •
    The dance floor is a no-talking zone. This is again done to remove any distractions and to allow for dropping in more fully. If you need to have a conversation, however brief, please step out into the hallway or go outside.
    If you witness a conversation happening, you are welcome to gently remind people of this request (with a gentle gesture).

  • • KIDS •
    Parents are asked to kindly monitor their kids and keep them close (at arm's reach). Please support us with requesting your children be mindful of their voices during opening and closing.

  • Please arrive early or on time so that we may all journey together.
    *Thank you DT Victoria & Salt Spring for sharing these guidelines.


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