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Dance so hard that you forget everything. Then dance so deep that you remember; only the things that you know are true.  Dance to believe in yourself.  Dance to awaken your truth.  Dance to shed the layers that want to dissolve.  Dance for you. Dance for the earth.  Dance for the children.  Dance for the elders.  Dance to heal.  Dance to set yourself free.  Dance to dissolve separation.  Dance to connect. Dance to LOVE!




Feel the rhythm, feel the beat, trust your body and move your feet. 


Movement & Music

Rhythm & Motion

Family Friendly


Dance Temple Cowichan is a collective of movement lovers and rhythm makers. 

We provide the music and let you feel the rhythm, feel the beat and discover the freedom in your feet.

No experience necessary.  There are no steps to learn and no right or wrong ways to move. Simply allow the music to guide you while surrounded by community.  At dance temple we offer an intentional opening and closing circle.  Some facilitators offer light facilitation throughout the class, others invite you to really call upon your inner facilitator and invite you to trust in the music as your guide.

You are encouraged to honour yourself, whether you are dancing, or lying in stillness.  We invite you and your authenticity. We welcome all colours and shades of you.  
  Celebrate the beauty and sorrow of this wild world with community through movement and music.

Often the hardest part is just showing up!

 “If you can talk, you can sing
If you can walk, you can dance
I believe that rhythm and movement is natural in our bodies
Dance is a primal form of communication and is very deeply rooted in us
Singing and dancing together is what binds a community together
It is a way of expressing joy, sorrow and passion”
- African proverb


Enjoy the journey!




We respectfully acknowledge that we are dancing on the traditional and ancestral lands of the Malahat, Lake Cowichan, Quw’utsun, Halalt, Penelakut, Stz’uminus, and Lyackson people.

Keep dancing!

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